We’ll be adding more resources as we can.  Please feel free to use any of these materials!

mini-flyer-proj-warmTiny flyers, or “mini-flyers”.  These are designed to save paper! 12 per page with qr code.  Easy to hand out and it fits nicely into any wallet or pocket.  These can be printed on any standard printer.

Mini biz flyers JPG | Mini biz flyers PDF

half-page-flyerFlyer Ad:
These are 2 per page, a flyer or ad to tape on the drop boxes.  I did half page to save on printing costs.  These have the 5,912 goal, all of the online information, qr code and tells them that they are in a drop zone.  And of course, it thanks them for dropping off their coats and blankets.  (Don’t forget we’re taking scarves, hats and gloves this year too!)

flyer 2 up JPG | flyer 2 up PDF

trick-or-treat-mini-flyerHalloween cards
to use while trick-or-treating.  People are next to their coat closets while answering the door.  Take advantage of it! These are 10 per page and will print on any standard printer.

trick or treat JPG | trick or treat PDF

Social media graphics.  Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other favorite social media sites.




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