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Social Media:  Blast this out on your selected social media sites…  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, Friend Feed, Readit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Google+…  Tell your friends you are collecting coats and blankets for the homeless.  Contact us when you have your stash and we’ll make distribution arrangements.

Hashtag #projectwarmus

Involve your kids:  This is a great teaching opportunity to teach your kids the value of helping others.  Some Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops can get credit (badges) for this type of thing.

Be a drop point:  You don’t have to add your address to our site to do this.  Just tell your friends they can drop off at your house, then you contact us for pick up.

Give a coat instead of plastic crap:  I really do mean that in the most loving way.  :)  Buy a coat then give a card saying you donated a coat in that person’s name.

Car sticker:  We will have these “soccer-mom” style stickers for your car.  Just keep them on until Thanksgiving, or keep them on forever!

Do a photo shoot:  Take some photos of your coat(s).  We can post them on our blog, Instagram and Facebook page along with stories.  We have some very interesting coats and blankets already.

Go to garage sales:  These are not only good places to buy some to donate, but if you tell people what you’re collecting for, I bet they would donate a couple of coats and / or blankets.  Ask people if they have any blankets or coats left after the sale, that you’ll come pick them up.

Thrift store $1 days:  CCA in The Colony and Lewisville have $1 clothing racks on Fridays and Saturdays.  This is doubly good since they’re a local charity.  You’re supporting programs in those communities and you’re helping the homeless.

Give your flyer to another person:  Printing isn’t cheap, especially in color.  The flyers are small.  Once you’ve donated, pass the little flyer on to someone else you know.

Moving?  Moving blankets are awesome!  They’re durable and warm.  Those sure qualify!

5 thoughts on “collection ideas

  1. Have you considered setting up a paypal link so people can contribute cash if they don’t have time to Goodwill or anything extra pass along? You could take the money and buy stuff at Goodwill!

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