Can you take hats, gloves and scarves?  Yes!  We will take them to the homeless and they will count toward our goal!  The homeless need these items as much as the coats and blankets we originally started with.

Do you take other items?  This year, we’re adding athletic shoes and socks.  Other than that, if you have any items you think we could place, shoot us an email.  We got several industrial coffee makers last year that we were able to place.  This is not our main focus, but we’re happy to try and help if we can.

Is this program only in North Texas?  Mostly, although we have added other areas that are interested in collecting for their area.  You can ship a donation box to any of the drop points.  If you would like to start this in your area, please contact us at projectwarmus@gmail.com.  We will gladly share our marketing materials and will add you to our website.

Can you take used stuff?  What condition?  Yes, we can take used items.  The whole point of these is for warmth.  If it’s a small hole or a broken button, that’s not an issue.

Do the items need to be clean?  This may sound like a crazy question, but yes, it’s extremely helpful to have clean items.  Homeless people rarely have access to laundry facilities.

Does a jacket count?  Yes.  Jackets, heavy sweatshirts and very heavy sweaters are fine.  People can layer these and they do count toward our total.

Do sheets count as blankets?  No, as they provide no warmth, but we will place them if we get them in.

Do you need kids blankets and kids coats?  We do need mostly adult items, however we can take kids items.  They will be distributed through Denton County Friends of the Family, Mission Arlington and Casa Hogar Elim orphanage (Nuevo Laredo, Mexico).  We really do need a lot of adult sizes though, so please think about giving those coats you just don’t wear anymore.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please email us at projectwarmus@gmail.com.

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