Communication & Marketing ideas

For those of you who would like a few more details or ideas…

Marketing materials.  We have some printed ones, but we’re having to do these on our home printers or pay for them somewhere.  If you don’t mind printing just a couple of pages, that would help us tremendously.  The mini-flyers were designed 12 per page so just a few pages can really spread the word!  Again, all of these can be found on our resources page.

Collection boxes / bags.  Any box or bag will do, but the best we’ve found is any empty box you can get for free or paper yard bags.  The paper yard bags do cost a little bit of money, but they’re good for the environment, they don’t take up a lot of space and they’re very sturdy.  Plastic bags work well to and we try to reuse them as many times as we can.

Events.  If you, your group or your business might be doing and event, you could add a coat drop to it.  If you have an event, no matter how small, send us the info.  We’ll post your event on our events page if you like.  We can also post some photos from your collection of event too!

Encourage everyONE.  If everyone that hears about this donates one coat or blanket and tells at least 2 other people to do the same, we’ll meet our goal in no time!  EveryONE counts!!!  If you give out a mini-flyer, tell the recipient not to throw it away, ask them to give it to another person.  Get the mini flyers on our resource page.

Trick-or-treat, help our feat.  We have some special halloween mini-flyers you can give to the people that come to your door, or you can give them out as you trick-or-treat.  They’re standing next to their coat closet…  Get the trick-or-treat mini flyers on our resource page.

Share your ideas!  If you have ideas for getting more coats and blankets, we want to hear them!  We want to meet our goal.  Post your stories or ideas on our Facebook page or comment at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for your support!  We couldn’t do this without you!