248 and counting. . .

We have 248 warm items collected so far.  Half of these were delivered this week just before the cold snap.  I’m writing this post to answer some of the common questions I’ve seen on Facebook and questions I’ve been asked recently.

Are you still collecting?

Yes!  We’re always collecting.  Sometimes I come home in the middle of summer and find bags of coats and blankets by my door.  We need over 5,000 by Thanksgiving 2014 to distribute on Thanksgiving Day.

Can you take kids sizes?

Yes, we can.  We will place any sizes you can give us.  Our biggest need is mens coats in larger sizes.

I don’t have any excess items to give.  How can I help?

We’re aware that we’ve depleted your excess of warm items over the last 4 years and we appreciate all you have donated!  We can take tax-deductible donations through Our Calling.  Every $2 your donate can buy warm items, as OC can buy in in bulk.

Give Now

Can I help in other ways?

Yes.  We need people to help us pick up items from our drop spots and deliver them to our partners for distribution.

Can you take used items?

Yes, we most certainly will.  Project Warm Us was born out of blessing others with our excess.  We ask that any used items you’re donating are clean and ready to be used.  In most cases, these items are going to the shelterless homeless or to shelters where there are limited laundry facilities.

If everyone that knows about Project Warm Us donated at least one item, we would meet our goal overnight.  Thank you so much on behalf of our distribution partners and the people receiving these items.  Here’s a pic from the distribution in Dallas a couple of years ago.  They usually have more people in line for warm items than they do the food lines.  Surprised?  So was I.  Please consider helping us reach our goal this year.