Start your engines! Project Warm Us 2012 is kicking off!

A year ago yesterday, a simple email started a huge blessing rolling:
This is the 2nd year of Project Warm Us – collecting coats and blankets for the homeless.  Last year it started as idea to gather a few coats, which turned into a crazy goal to get one for every homeless person in Dallas (5,723 at that time), and ended up with 6,766 collected and distributed.
So – spread the word, and start collecting!  For more on hosting a drop spot, click here.  We’d like most of the donations in by Thanksgiving so that we can get the warmth to folks before it gets too cold out.
We have all sorts of downloadable/sharable/printable resources on our site: including little mini-flyers (business card size you can hand out, leave in bathroom stalls, etc, ha), full size flyers, collection box labels (just hang one on any old cardboard box)…  There is even a fun little card the kids can print out to Trick-or-Treat for coats and blankets.  Feel free to get creative!
Contact us at with any questions.  Here we go!!!