We’re over 3,000!!! 3,161 to be exact. 7 days to go!

Thanks to several large donations today, we are up to 3,161.  Awesomeness!!!  Thanks to:

Homeschool Missions Club – I’m going to have a tough time parting with that amazing looking box.

Frisco Square – They just keep them coming!  You guys rock!

Keller Williams – The Tomlin Team – Picked up load #2 today.  Thanks!

Ally – Thanks for the huge coat and blanket donation!!  We already bought new blankets with the cash donations, adding that to some Kohl’s cash, and those will be going to some homeless teens in the North Dallas suburbs.

And a special thanks to all of the people that are giving a few coats and blankets here and there.  Those sure add up quickly and we’ll be keeping the homeless warm this cold winter!