delivery for distribution… 11.15.11

I had to wait for the trash pick up truck before I had access to the alley.  Trust me, nobody wants me backing up a trailer.  Everything was out on the driveway… waiting to be loaded.

After packing the 6’x12′ trailer FULL, it was off to Dallas!  First stop: Our Calling.

My Infinit’s butt was almost dragging on the pavement!  Good problem to have.  🙂  The guys helped me unload.  Oh, and Wayne maneuvered the Infiniti sleigh with the attached trailer.  

After unloading, I got to tour their new facility.  One that they’ve been praying to have for a long time.  Words cannot describe how awesome Our Calling is.  When I turned to look around, they were already sorting the coats into sizes.

They have many needs for all kinds of supplies, but this need captured my attention right away.  They need Bibles.  They do bible studies and they have a Celebrate Recovery program too!  They have a wish list on their website, listing their immediate needs.

I could have stayed there all day, but it was time for drop #2.  Dallas Life.

This drop went pretty quickly, and before I got past the Dallas city limits, Bob from Dallas Life called me to thank everyone involved with for the huge donation of coats.  He said these were sorted immediately and they would begin giving them out that evening!  One more stop to pick up a huge donation that wasn’t in my garage.  Stingray Worldwide donated 480 new coats!

These went to Our Calling, then the Infiniti sleigh headed home to do some pick ups.  I don’t have photos from all of the pick ups, or from the huge pile of bags by my front door, or even from all of the small groups that donated, but I do have a couple of pics from one place.  Shawnee Trail elementary school.

We got 330 coats and blankets yesterday!  Thanks to everyone that helped with that number!!!!

We have a few more days to collect and a lot more homeless people to keep warm.  Email us at if you have a big pick up for us or if you have any questions.  THANKS!!!!!!!!