Fun way to ask your friends for help: Sample Email

My amazing friend Liz (love ya, girl!) just shared this email that she sent to her network, and I wanted to pass it along.  A concise, creative way to get your buddies on the ProjectWarm bus.


A couple of my crazy friends are collecting coats and blankets to distribute to the homeless of Dallas. There are currently give or take 5,723 people who are homeless in Dallas, and the goal these gals have is to get a coat and/or blanket for every single one by Thanksgiving.  They have 2000+ now and I would love to help them meet their goal of 5,723!

Please take 10 minutes (set a timer and see if you can beat it!) to do the following this weekend with me:

1. (4 minutes) Look through your children’s coats, try on and find any that are too small.
2. (2 minutes) Look through your coat closet and see if you can downsize your own coat wardrobe.
3. (1 minute) Look through your linen closet and see if you can downsize your blanket choices.
4. (3 minutes) Call, text or email 3 friends to ask them to do the same. Offer to bring their donations to me on Monday as well.

Just think:  we have the power to literally save a life. Remember all the snow and ice last year? Try to imagine not having a coat or blanket or (worse to imagine) your child not having one – and being out in the elements 24/7.

Can you help me help?