More ways to help ProjectWarm.Us

With only a couple weeks left til our self-imposed goal of 5,723 coats and blankets by Thanksgiving, we’re extremely exited!  We are nearly halfway there, and have gotten encouraging calls and emails from many folks who have heard about us and are collecting.  The total we post each day only includes coats and blankets that have made their way to either Jody’s or Lin’s homes; we know many of you are out there collecting and have stockpiles that will greatly increase our numbers once we pick them up.

Aside from collecting, we wanted to share a few other ways you could help:

1) Keep spreading the word!  Leverage your networks, schools, offices, church groups, sports teams, Facebook, chance encounters with strangers in check-out lines… We have handy “tiny flyers” you can print out to share the story easily.  See our Resources page.

2) Don’t live nearby? Or just want to do more?  “Cash is always handy”.  Through some shrewd negotiation by Jody and Elizabeth (and God opening some generous doors), we have deals in place with the local CCA to save and sell us their coats and blankets at a deep discount.  We also take advantage of “dollar Mondays” to stock up, so every dollar means a coat or blanket going to keep someone warm.  We have a PayPal link on the front page of our site, left side:  www.ProjectWarm.Us .

3) Give your time!  There are opportunities to help with distribution directly to the recipients, as well as many opportunities before then to help with sorting, hauling, and otherwise dealing with the mass of schtuff we’ve collected.  You can sign up online to serve at the Thanksgiving dinner. We will also be having “sorting parties” and ad-hoc trips into downtown Dallas to hand out warmth directly to individuals who are out in the cold.  Please “like” our Facebook page for the latest-breaking opportunities to get personally involved (e.g., Jody posted this week asking for help to wash a load of coats.)

4) Pray! This whole crazy adventure is in God’s hands.  Please join us in thanking him for the opportunity to help in His plan, and asking for his continued guidance, favor and wisdom on the project.