BIG thanks!

We have had so many businesses, schools and individuals helping us reach our goal!  I wish I had time to blog every single person and story.  We’re over 1,700 now!  I just can’t thank everyone enough.

If you’re wanting to send out an email to your friends about, here’s a great one that was in my email inbox this morning.  Thanks Holli!

Hey everyone!

I am helping my friend and neighbor, with an amazing mission she started a few weeks ago.  She has set out to bring warmth to every homeless person in Dallas and has set a goal to collect 5,723 coats and blankets by Thanksgiving of 2011!  They have already collected over 1,700 as of today, but they have a ways to go to reach their goal.

Please see this website for more awesome info on this project!

With this cold snap, I know you are all going through the coat closet trying to find something warmer and just might be digging through some coats you don’t intend to wear anymore or the kids have outgrown.  If you happen to have coats or blankets you could donate to this cause, would you mind bringing them to the pizza party after the game and I will collect them from you?  Also, if you would like to become a drop off location or know of a business that would like to become a drop off location (and get some exposure on the website), please let me know! 

Thank you SO much for anything you can contribute!