A big thanks to Raytheon!

The Coat & Blanket drive was sponsored by 6 different Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Raytheon:

HOLA: Hispanic Organization for Leadership & Advancement
RAIN: Raytheon American Indian Network
RWN: Raytheon Women’s Network
RAPA: Raytheon Asian Pacific Association
RAYBEN: Raytheon Black Employees Network
GLBTA: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Allies

Among a vast array of both professional and community activities, they hold drives and collect things from toiletries for our troops overseas, to school supplies for returning school children, food collection, coats & blankets for the cooler months and then, of course, toys for the holidays. Typically, the participating ERGs will pool the collections from their many North Texas sites (7 sites participated for this drive!) and then divvy them amongst themselves for distribution to the recipient of each ERG’s choosing.

Raytheon has provided us with almost 200 coats and blankets so far, and we still have more to pick up from them today!

You should have seen the looks on their faces when I pulled up in my small-size SUV.  It was all good though!  We had to take them out of the boxes and stuff them into the car.  Hmmm… now where to put the kids…  Maybe just stuff them in with the coats and blankets?  Yes, that could work…

With businesses like Raytheon, not only will we meet our goal, but we will have much stronger communities in the North Dallas and inner city Dallas areas.  With the economy in a state of unrest and difficulty, there are more homeless people than ever.  We will be able to spread some warmth to them this winter.  Thanks again!!!!