one week later… but why?

We started this just one week ago.  I’m so encouraged to see all the people that want to help us accomplish this crazy goal.  I know we will get the 5,723, and probably a lot more.  Although I didn’t single-handedly start this, this was my reason for brainstorming it and supporting such a great cause.

I was in a church group where our focus was on helping the homeless.  This particular meeting was under a bridge in Frisco.  Although the weather was nice that day, we all tried to imagine what it would be like to be homeless, living in places like this, but in extreme cold.

Our group got together and collected a lot of coats and blankets for the homeless.  This is the load we took down to Dallas on Thanksgiving Day.

Traffic was crazy that day!  It took a really long time to get to Dallas.  A ministry named Our Calling was hosting a Thanksgiving Day feast for the homeless.  In addition, they were giving them each a blanket and a coat, of which they needed to collect from people wanting to donate an old coat or blanket.  I had no idea what to expect that day, but what I experienced wasn’t what I would have guessed.  I saw the need first hand.  There’s so much food available for the homeless population on Thanksgiving, that by the time they got to this event, they were full and not really wanting any food.  Yes, they all ate a little bit, but over on the far side of the room was the line.  The really long line of people waiting to get a coat and a blanket.  That was what they wanted and needed.

On the way out, a homeless man stopped me.  He wanted to talk.  He hugged me, then my kids, and proceeded to thank us for coming to help.  As we walked to the car on that extremely cold day, I saw a group of homeless men and women walking into the city wearing warm coats and each carrying a blanket.  Yes, this is a need.  5,723 blankets and coats will make a huge difference for a lot of people.