the ball is rolling… [day 3]

We’re up to 52!  That might not seem like a lot, but were getting the word out and the drop boxes set up.  Thanks to all of the people willing to help with this and also allow us to use your space for collection.

If you need a half page flyer, which also works to tape on the drop boxes, here it is in a PDF…  flyer 2 up for  If you want to save paper (and I’m all about that) use this file for the small ‘less than business size’ flyers… project warm us biz cards.

You could tape a small envelope onto your box to put the small pocket-sized flyers in.  I just went dumpster diving for boxes today.  I like free boxes.  🙂  The recycling center was gonna charge me.  There’s a really nice coffee table, in perfect condition in one of the dumpsters, you know, if anyone is interested.  🙂