what’s your calling? [day 1]

The looks on our faces say a lot.  Can we really pull this off?  I think we can!  As Lin posted on Facebook…

“My awesome friend Jody and I have a crazy calling that YOU are part of! We believe we can collect enough coats and blankets for every homeless person in Dallas by Thanksgiving. Join us! Spread the word, and send us your coats and blankets.”

Yep, it might be crazy, but we can do it!  That is… with help from everyone in our community.  This was our calling, and we answered it.  Help us to reach our goal of collecting 5,723 coats and blankets for the homeless.  Day one yielded 37, mostly coats.  Help us out!  By the end of the day, we’ll have a couple of drop point on the site.  Thanks!